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2022 Most Viewed Blog Posts

The top 10 most viewed blog posts of 2022 for Jeni Jo Photography.

1. Me & Gracie- Kai York Inspired Shoot

This is probably my favorite shoot ever of myself, so I'm super excited to see it was the top viewed blog post of this year! View the full post here.

2. Top Tips for Mane & Tail Growth

I wrote this post in 2018 and every year it's been one of my top performing blog posts. I find it hilarious because it really doesn't have anything to do with photography, but I'm glad so many people find it useful! View the full post here.

3. Kenzi Rogers

A fun shoot from 2020 during the beginning of the pandemic and right in the middle of fire season in Washington. The smoke added a unique lighting and vibe to the shoot! View the full post here.

4. Marley Halse

One of my favorite sessions of 2022- Marley's shoot had amazing weather, one of my favorite locations to shoot at (Lucky 13), she had perfect outfits and her and Loretta were so much fun to photograph! View the full post here.

5. Alina

My 2020 shoot with Alina- one of my absolute favorites from that year! View the full post here.

6. Alina

Number 6 most viewed is Alina's shoot from 2021! View the full post here.

7. Amanda Perkowski

Amanda is a professional dressage rider at Helgstrand in Wellington, FL. This was my first ever shoot with a dressage horse! View the full post here.

8. My Favorite Colors to Pair w/ Each Color of Horse

I'm so glad to see some of my educational posts that actually apply to photography in the top 10! View the full post here.

9. Five Things I Learned from My Own Photo Session

After my first full shoot with a professional equine photographer, Rachel Reilly, I listed the top 5 things I learned throughout the process! View the full post here.

10. Five Makeup Tips for a Classy & Professional Horse Show Look

One of my hit resourceful blog posts from 2020, written with the help of professional makeup artist, Sonia Martinez. View the full post here.

This blog post was inspired by Kirstie Marie Photography, who does a yearly blog post featuring her favorites from the current year, the bloopers, and most viewed blog posts. I love the idea so I've done the same!


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