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2023 Favorites

2023 was another year filled with the most incredible clients, perfect ponies, beautiful sunsets (and maybe 5 sunrises?!), and some of the coolest shoot locations yet! I can't believe how lucky I am to get to do this dream job and somehow it just gets better year after year!

A few noteworthy experiences in 2023 for me:

I traveled across the US (mostly flying this time, unlike last year where I did a lot of driving) capturing horse girls in nearly 15 different states. A few of my favorite locations I was able to shoot at were the Wooden Shoe tulip field with Clare S, Smith Rock with Ava B, Brasada Ranch with Kaitlin D, and the lavender field/school/Barbie house with Baylie B. Oops you know what I just realized- all of my favorite locations were in Oregon. Should I just move there? Anyway, I also go to photograph a couple of fun horse girls on the island of Tahiti and I rode on & photographed a horseback safari in South Africa. The horseback safari experience has been a dream of mine for quite a while now and I'm happy to say the adventure really lived up to the hype!

This year I cohosted not one, but two, very successful Content Retreats with my friend Lauren Ann Photography in Washington and Arizona. I still can't believe we had photographers from all over the world (yes, world! we were so lucky to have a lovely gentleman from Australia join us in AZ) join us for 2 of the most fun weekends I had all year. I'm so grateful for all the new friendships I've made through these events and can't wait for more in 2024.

On a similar note, I started offering mentorship calls this year as well and have been really enjoying some one-on-one time with fellow equine photographers, getting to share my knowledge. Education was something I never thought I'd get into... but look at me now- 2 content retreats, several mentoring calls, a couple of online courses with The Equine Photography Academy, and a few podcast episodes later, I think I can call myself a photography educator!

Now, please enjoy a favorite (or 2) from each session this year (in no particular order!)

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