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Accounts You Should Follow on Pinterest

It's me- you should follow me on Pinterest! Why? Because I pin A LOT. A lot of helpful stuff. I have 2 main boards with several sections: Outfit Inspo and Wedding Inspo.

Outfit Inspo is a huuuuge help for my clients that struggle getting outfits put together for their Equestrian Portrait Session. I divided the sections into Spring & Summer, Fall & Winter, Western, Couples, Family, Guys, Fitness, and then always need Hair & Makeup ideas too!

For Wedding Inspo, I'm specifically pinning to help those who are planning an Equestrian Adventure Wedding. The sections include Locations I think would be amaaaazing to ride out to for your elopement, Bridal Gowns that would fit well on the back of a horse, Groom Outfits that fit the theme, Hair & Makeup, Florals, Boots (because every bride needs special wedding boots!), Vow Ideas, Picnic Set-ups, and wedding band inspiration!

Want even more outfit help for an upcoming session? Download my free Ultimate Shopping Guide for Your Equestrian Session!


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