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Alina Wellington

Alina laying on the back of her horse, Santiago

I will not go to Florida without seeing two of my favorites, Alina & Santiago! I always have sooo much fun shooting with these two & creating such cool photos. It's not often I get to shoot with a professional model AND a trick pony :) Since the last time we shot together, Alina had moved Santiago to a different barn (still in Wellington, FL) so it was really fun getting to shoot in a new spot, too. I loved the light we had outdoor arena & the pretty river on the back of the property.

I'm very thankful to have Alina as a friend, even if we're on complete opposite ends of the country!

Alina and Santiago walking in the outdoor arena in Wellington, FL
Alina sitting on a stool wearing English riding clothes, next to her horse, Santiago the andalusian in Wellington, Florida
a black and white image of a girl casually sitting on the butt of her horse
Santiago laying in the grass while Alina sits on him casually
a blonde girl sitting on her horse in a white shirt and jeans while her horse is rearing on his hind legs
a blonde girl sitting backwards on her andalusian trick pony as he rears on his hind legs
an andalusian doing the Spanish walk on a black background
an Andalusian gelding on black background
 white andalusian gelding staring at the camera straight on, on a white background
a white Andalusian gelding on a white background


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