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Alina Wellington

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Alina while I was in Florida earlier this year. We had so much fun together- we ended up shooting for about 5 hours, before my husband called and needed to get picked up from his scuba dive (it was then we realized what time it was!)

We went through 5 outfits, 3 horses, a couple different hair styles, and LOTS of sweat. Summer in Wellington, Florida is no joke. But that sure didn't stop us from creating some of my favorite photos ever!

The white horse is Alina's horse, his name is Santiago, an Andalusian gelding who I immediately fell in love with. He's such an incredible horse and if I had the means of owning another horse right now he'd be mine! (I'm not bitter at all, lol). As you can see while you scroll through the photos, he's a trick pony & will rear and lay down on Alina's command (with cookies, of course).

Part of this shoot was published in HORIZONT Magazine, check those out here!


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