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Amanda & Chris Bayer

Amanda with Bailey and Edward, her two quarter horse geldings, in the pasture in Waterloo, IL

Amanda & Chris Bayer with their two special boys: Neatly Stung AKA Bailey & Liquid Iron AKA Edward. Their adorable dog, Lucy, also joined in for a few photos! Bailey has been with Amanda since 2000 (that's 20 years!) and they showed together in the PHBA circuit doing all around events for several years. They had an incredibly successful show career... just look at the photo of them with [almost] all of their awards they won over the years! 5 years after owning Bailey, she brought Edward home. A little fun fact about him: he just so happens to have the same birthday as Bailey, just 10 years apart! These two boys are so special to Amanda and Chris and I'm so thankful I was able to capture them together.

These photos were taken on Amanda's parent's stunning farm in Waterloo, Illinois.

Amanda petting Bailey, her palomino quarter horse gelding, on the nose, smiling up at him
Amanda with her two geldings, Edward and Bailey- in Waterloo, Illinois
Amanda and Chris standing between Edward and Bailey holding hands, looking at each other with the horses graze
The whole family: Bailey, Amanda, Lucy, Chris, and Edward

This is Floyd, Amanda's mom's reining stud. He's so handsome!!

Floyd, Amanda's mom's chestnut reining stud

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