Before & After Edits

Before and after of Emma and her old mare

Here are a few before and after's from my recent shoots this year! I always love seeing the glow up of an image from what it looked like out of camera to the end result, especially when there's so many different ways to edit an image... the final edited image really allows for the photographers' style to show!

Before and after image of an equestrian adventure wedding
Before and after of a mare and foal in Cashmere, WA
Before and after of Danielle Travis and her mare, Boomie in Oahu
before and after edit of Penny, the dalmatian
Before and after of Soli Brinkman and her mustang, Bubba in Rock Island, WA

Yes.... sadly, those clouds are fake! They're actually Hawaiian sunset clouds.... did I fool you?

Before and after of Katy and Brady with their horses, Platinum and Ruby in Moses Lake, WA
Before and after of Lindsey and Bilal and their two horses in Oahu
Before and after of an Appaloosa mare and foal in Warden, WA

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