Before & After's

Emma Gunderson

Here are some before & after's from various sessions last year! The comparison above is of Emma with her bay mare, Jewel. Left is before, right out of the camera. And right is after. I added some warmth, contrast, changed some tones. increased the exposure a little, and removed blemishes. Check out Emma's full session here!

Hayley Whitmire

Above is Hayley Whitmire with her big beautiful eventing horse, Korona. Left is before. Right is the after. I added warmth (I basically always do this!), added an inverse radial filter to make the sun appear to cast even warmer and brighter on the hills behind her, and increased exposer a little. Take a look at the rest of her photos from their session here.

Above is a before and after of Loper. He's owned and shown by Dana Sandlin. Left is the after, right is before. I did some simple color corrections in lightroom then brought the image into photoshop. From there I removed the lead rope around his neck and colored in the black background. See more photos from Dana's session here.

I love this before and after because I really barely made any changes! Just lowered the blacks, increased tint, and that's about it. Silhouettes are so much fun to capture and the outcome is always so beautiful. The 3 things needed for a silhouette photo is 1. an open background free from distractions, 2. a beautiful sunset or sunrise, 3. an interesting subject. Left is before, right is after.

It's super awesome when I get horses that just stand in the aisle way without having a lead rope attached to them! Most of the time I will at least try to have them stand freely, but if they try to take off, I know I'm still confident in removing the lead rope in photoshop later. For Tate's photos, I really just added some contrast, changed the tone of orange just a little bit, lowered the highlights, then took it into photoshop and removed the water spots on the floor the colored in the black background.

This cute pup did not want to stay away from me so her mom had to hold her down, haha. Left is after, right is clearly before.

This before and after is a little more intense, because if you look closely you'll see something is completely different in the after picture. I did a complete head swap on Lily, Erika's horse. I really liked the look of the photo but didn't like the position of Lily's head so I switched it with a very similar photo (where Erika wasn't even looking, haha!) and made one perfect photo. I also removed the power lines since they're an unneeded distraction. Left is after- right is before. See more photos from Erika, Taylor, Lily, and Tate's session here!

This before and after is one of my favorites. But it might be because the photo in general is one of my absolute favorites! Left is the before- right is after. I increased the warm, increased contrast, increased exposure a bit, lowered highlights, and changed the tone of green a tad. See more of Rachel and Chaz's photos here.

This particular location wasn't the best as far as how big it was and how much space we had to work with especially with a big horse- but the lighting and background colors at this spot are some of my very favorite. So to me it was worth the extra few minutes in photoshop to remove the garbage and add more grass in. Left it after- right is before. I also increased the warmth of the image, increased exposure a little, decreased highlights, added contrast, changed the green and yellow tones a bit, and other small changes. Take a look at more of Riata and Blondie's session here.

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