Before & After's

I love sharing a good before & after! Sometimes the changes are more subtle, while other times they're a bit more drastic. It always depends on several things like the light, the horse, and the weather!

In Opal's straight on shot above, she didn't really give me a good direct shot with her eyes open and I didn't like how high her head was in the second shot. So I combined them!

I always like to remove distractions such as the power pole & lines behind Korin & Josh.

I'm so in love with this shot, but it needed to be brightened, warmed up, and more magenta!

We shot Kaitlyn's photos right as the sun was setting and probably only had 10 minutes of actual light left. So we did a ton of different poses within that time frame and luckily Jimmy John was incredible cooperative! I underexposed, then brought up the brightness a lot in post!

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