Before & After's

Here are some more before & after's from various sessions from 2019. I'm actually kind of obsessed with comparing before & after's! When I edit I'm constantly toggling between before and after, before and after.... I just love seeing the difference I'm making and the progress. It also helps to make sure I stay on point with the horse's coat color & human's skin tone.

I almost tossed this shot of Samson, but decided to edit it anyway to see how it would turn out. Luckily I did, because it turned into one of my favorite photos of the year! I was able to center him a lot better by kind of just removing his hind end and parts of his leg! I'm really pleased with how this edit turned out.

Those power lines needed to go. So did that lead rope!

I'll always remove power lines if they're distracting!

Silhouette is actually a dark brown color, so I wanted to bring that out and really make her color pop against the black background. The leadrope needed to go too!

I love a good horse & rider black background!

Bye mama!

Those greens were a bit too bright for me.. we actually shot this with the sun a bit higher than I normally like to shoot, so it caused a bit more saturation in those green trees behind us. It also created a cast on Caitlin's hair and skin- that's one of my biggest pet peeves, so I removed that real quick!

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