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Claira Bingaman

Claira and Legacy

Claira Bingaman and A Blazen Asset AKA Legacy in Lebanon, OR. Claira trains under the guidance of Sarah Raschein at Three Ring Farm. This session was so special, difficult, sad, and amazing all at the same time: Claira and Jeana had planned on a session together with their two horses, Legacy and Forty. Sadly, 5 days before the session Forty had to be put down... It was such devastating news for Jeana but she wanted Claira to still have her special session with Legacy. So that's what we did! I tried to make it as special and perfect as possible for all of them; capturing Claira and Legacy's bond in beautiful images that they will treasure forever is exactly what I wanted to do for them.

At the very end of the session when the sun was setting, we drove out to the river and set up a tribute to Forty. We included all of his trophies, ribbons, and buckles that he won with both Jeana and Claira, and included his tack and a picture as well as Claira's Congress jacket. We set it all up in a beautiful layout and took photos with the sun setting. It was incredibly hard for all of us to not burst into tears at thoughts of wishing he could be there with us at that point. I'm so glad I could be there for them to still capture the bond between Claira and Legacy, and do the absolute best I could in creating something special for Forty.

Claira and Legacy
Claira Bingaman
Claira in her trail outfit and Legacy
Claira, Legacy, and Sarah
Claira and Legacy
Claira and Legacy on black background
Legacy and Claira
Claira resting her head on Legacy's neck
Claira sitting on a chest her mom brought
Claira & Legacy
Forty's Tribute <3

I was able to Photoshop Forty into this portrait of Jeana, Claira, and Legacy. I had this photo from when Claira showed him at the WSABC show in Moses Lake last September.

Forty cropped in, Jeana, Claira, and Legacy


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