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Claira Bingaman

Lena handing the reins to Claira

"When one door closes, another door opens" and for Claira and Lena, it was absolute perfect timing. To keep their personal lives private- all I'm going to say is Claira is going to have on amazing year with Arnold. It's her last year as a 13 & under rider and I couldn't be more excited for this new team! I can't wait to see them show together at the WSQHA Trophy Circuit in just a couple months <3 (where I'll be the official photographer for the show again!!)

Claira and Arnold are riding under the guidance of Sarah Raschein and John Hamer at Three Ring Farm in Lebanon, OR.

They love the big red boy
Arnold, Claira, and Lena
Giving loves to Arnold
Claira and Arnold


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