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Cortney McDaniel

Cortney McDaniel and Charlotte

Please name a more iconic duo! I'll wait....

Charlotte is the ultimate *horse goals* for me! Since starting riding when I was 5 years old I've wanted to ride and show a Clydesdale SO badly! It's still never happened, but photographing these two together helped make up for it :)

Cortney and Charlotte do eventing together, check out her blog here!

I had such a great time photographing their incredibly special and strong bond <3 I wish them the best of luck at all their competitions together this year!!

Cortney kissing Charlotte

My favorite photo!!! <3 Look at how white Charlotte's feathers are!

Cortney and her giant best friend

Charlotte is boarded at a beautiful location in Monroe, WA.

Eventing Clydesdale
Charlotte the Clydesdale
Cortney kissing Charlotte
Cortney and Charlotte

Here's a gorgeous fine art equine portrait of Charlotte. We got this perfect shot of her just in time before the sunset right at the end of their session!

Fine Art Equine Portrait of Charlotte


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