Holstein Cow Portraits


THE IMPORTANCE OF TAKING PHOTOS: These two cows are my mom's pets. We own a 1,000+ cow dairy, but Annie, Tilly, and Thelma are special to her. Annie is 18 years old, she's had her since she was born- she's half holstein, half longhorn. Tilly is about 12 years younger than Annie, but she hurt herself a couple years ago so her hock gives her issues sometimes. Tilly is also around the same ago as Tilly, and has lameness issues as well. A few days ago we noticed Tilly couldn't get up. We thought we might have to put her down because her leg with the bad hock seemed to stop working. We managed to get hobbles on her, and that helped her get up. She's doing fine now. But Thelma's and Tilly's health is suffering and Annie's getting pretty old. The winter months are never easy, so we're not sure if either of them will be here come spring time. I took these photos of them a couple months ago, and I'm going to print them for her for a Christmas present. Tilly and Annie won't be around for as long as we are, but we will always have these beautiful pieces of art to remind us of them!



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