5 Tips to Survive the Long Show Days

I'm going to be photographing the WSABC show in Moses Lake next weekend and I thought this was the perfect time to write this post!

It seems as though every show is the same type of schedule: hurry up and wait. The hurry up part can get a little stressful, and the waiting part can get pretty boring. So here's 5 tips on how to get through it all with a little more ease.

1. Bring Something Else to Do

Bring a book, your homework, your work, your laptop to watch videos or really do anything... bring something that will entertain you and give you something else to keep your attention.

2. Be as Organized as Possible

Be super organized so when you're in the hurry mode getting ready for your class (even though you've been up since 5am lunging, cleaning stalls, grooming, and putting your makeup on, you still feel like you need to hurry). This way you'll know where everything is already and you don't need to get into panic mode trying to find your back number for showmanship.

So when I show, I share a horse trailer with my sister and she's the opposite of "organized" which can be seen as both bad and good in my eyes. The bad part: well, it's annoying! stop throwing your clothes or your horses clothes on the floor and fold them, maybe?! The good part: it does actually give me another thing to do while I'm waiting...

3. Bring Snacks (duh)

Do I really need to elaborate on this one?

4. Invite Friends

Oh my goodness it's soooo nice having a friend there with you to just hang out with and have some company or an extra hand (when you're back into hurry mode). In my case, I always have my sister with me, so I always have someone!

5. Bring Your Dog (double duh)

Again, this is so much of a duh I feel like I shouldn't have to explain myself here. Bring your dog because you love your dog, your dog loves you, your dog loves going to shows, and people at shows love seeing your dog. Everyone is happy!

corgi pulling a goat!

Or, I mean you could always bring your dog and your goat. Why not, right? (I took this picture at a show in Moses Lake back in 2011 and I still laugh every time I look at it!)

*bonus* Book a Portrait Session

This bonus tip can actually make the show you're going to 100x more fun and it will give you a whole new thing to look forward to. If there's a photographer at your show that is either there just doing portraits or is the official photographer doing portraits during breaks, take advantage of that opportunity and book a session with that photographer! Your horse is already cleaned up, banded/braided, you already look amazing with your show makeup on and have all your show clothes out of the closet.. even just booking a mini session or a session for your horse only will totally be worth while.

There ya have it, some tips on getting through the long days of a horse show. Leave a comment below with any other tips that you've found helpful!

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