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Josie & Brody Adams

Josie and Brody Adams, modeling together in the Coral Pink Sand Dunes of Utah, with their two quarter horses, B Cross and Dagger

Josie and Brody Adams with their horses, B Cross and Dagger, photographed in the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park near Kanab, Utah. I had an absolute blast with these four in the sand dunes! I've always loved photographing at the sand dunes in my home town in Washington, but this was a little different: the sand is actually pink! It was such a fun experience and can't get over how amazing the photos turned out. Josie and Brody were the perfect models!

Josie and Brody riding their horses in the desert
Josie and Brody sitting between the horses in the sand
Silhouette of Josie and Brody with their two horses, B Cross and Dagger


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