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Kalia & Kellsea Medeiros

Kalia & Kellsea Medeiros with their rodeo horses: Classic, Roany, and Tasko. The Medeiros sisters live in Kona, HI and compete in rodeos with their horses, Classic and Tasko (and others not pictured!) in all the events- from barrel racing to roping to mugging. I had so much fun with these two & am so glad I have more friends on the Hawaiian islands <3

two sisters dressed in rodeo attire, standing next to their horses smiling at the camera
a Hawaiian girl with long dark hair, wearing a pink shirt and Kimes jeans, kneeling next to her horse
a Hawaiian girl wearing rodeo attire sitting on her horse with one leg crossed over the saddle horn
a girl laying on her horse's back looking at him smiling- in black and white
a Hawaiian girl dressed in a black strapless jumpsuit, petting her horse on his face- with palm trees in the background on the Big Island, Hawaii
a girl hugging and kissing her horse on his face, in black and white


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