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Katie Ahola

Katie Ahola & her two very special boys, Rico and Zipper. I had an incredible time with these 3 and Katie's mom, Patty!

Katie has owned Zipper (the chestnut) for almost her entire life so just that fact alone makes him a very special pony. He made us laugh quite a bit during their session because while he doesn't absolutely hate being loved on... he certainly doesn't prefer it and he will let you know!

Rico, the dun, is Katie's current show horse! They show in ranch riding & showmanship and she also used him to be her rodeo queen horse. Rico is soooo loving and just a happy dude! He had his ears up almost the entire session; even when his eyes were closed, his ears were up. I loved that about him :)

I'm so thankful to be able to capture special connections and memories for people like Katie who love their horses more than anything in the world!

And can we talk about how amazing this location was?! We got so lucky with the flowers taking over Katie's parent's pasture in Brush Prairie, WA.

Katie kissing Rico, a red Dun quarter horse on the nose
Katie kissing Zipper, a chestnut quarter horse on his nose
Katie petting Rico on the neck, while standing in a flower field wearing a blue Greely cowboy hat and a pink CR Ranchwear shirt
Katie kissing Zipper on the cheek
Katie hugging Rico's face
Katie Ahola laying on Rico's neck
Katie riding Rico bareback and barefoot
Katie riding Rico bareback in a flower field petting him on the butt


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