Korin & Josh Ziegler

Korin and Josh Ziegler, photographed in Stevensville, MT last fall. Montana is one of the prettiest states I've been to- mountains everywhere!

Korin and Josh wanted to gather their whole fur family up for a portrait session, and we had such a great time! The two ponies are Scout and Peach. Scout is Korin's unicorn, that she's very lucky to have after a sickness that almost took her life not too long ago. Peach is her 1 year old hunter jumper baby who is so adorable and sweet! I can't wait to see how Peach turns out when she's old enough to compete! The 3 dogs are Kooper the German Shepherd, Belle the Boarder Collie, and Goose the Heeler.

I had a great time with all of them and can't get over how gorgeous of a location we got to work with!

Korin, Josh, Peach, and Scout

Korin kissing Scout on the nose
Korin and Scout
Korin, Peach, and Scout
Korin, Kooper, and Belle
Korin, Josh, Kooper, Belle, and Goose

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