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Lauren Hall

Lauren and Slim, her APHA gelding, loping in the outdoor arena at Lucky 13 Ranch

Lauren Hall & Alotta Vested Pine AKA Slim AKA SlimJim AKA the boy with sweetest eyes ever. Lauren & Slim ride under the guidance of Kip Larson at Lucky 13 Ranch in Arlington, WA. They show in the APHA all around events. I loved spending time with them and getting Lauren's mom, Mary in a few shots too! Mary will be showing Slim next year when Lauren moves to college at Auburn University to ride on the equestrian team.

a black background image of Slim, an APHA gelding
a straight on headshot of Slim on black background
a headshot of Lauren and Slim during their equestrian portrait session
Lauren and her mom, Mary, standing with Slim
individual shots of Lauren for her senior portraits


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