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Lena Berry

Lena, Grant, and Arnold

Lena Berry and Arnold (Red Hot Options) showing under the guidance of Sarah Raschein at Three Ring Farm in Lebanon, OR. Grant, Lena's husband, was also in a few shots during Lena and Arnold's session! He was a great sport about the whole thing and a lot of help too! Lena shows Arnold at all the major quarter horse shows including the world show this November. Lena shows Arnold in showmanship, halter, trail, western riding, horsemanship, and hunt seat eq. Sarah also shows Arnold in trail and western riding.

Lena's session was extra special to me because she actually contacted me about having me come out to Sarah's barn the same night that one of the horses that I learned how to ride on passed away. She sent me a message back in February telling me she wanted to capture the bond her and Arnold share as well as his cute, cuddly, dog-like personality! Because of Lena I was able to make the trip out to Sarah's barn and it was easily my favorite trip of the summer! I had SO much fun with all of the people at the barn including a handful of Sarah's clients, Sarah's whole family, and I even got to meet a lot of their friends during a party Sarah threw on July 3rd.

I'm so incredibly excited for Lena's future with Arnold and I can't wait to see what more wonderful things they accomplish together!

Lena and Arnold
Lena kissing Arnold
Lena's family
Lena and Arnold (Red Hot Options)
Lena, Grant, and Arnold
Lena and her boys

Lena hugging Arnold
Lena in her horsemanship outfit
Lena with her trainer, Sarah Raschein
Lena and Arnold with all their trophies and ribbons
Lena and Arnold on black background
Lena & Arnold


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