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Mastermind Weekend

The first weekend in November, my friends Cassidy with Cassidy Brooke Photography and Kirsten with Kirsten Ziegler Photography hosted their Mastermind, an equine photography retreat, in North Carolina. I was lucky enough to be able to attend as a guest host (so basically I did zero of the planning and just showed up for the fun!) to help direct and teach for the weekend. We had four fun shoots over the three days, two of them involving my favorite location: the city!

Day one was with Avery Medlin with her sweet bay mare & hunky palomino gelding at her own property in NC. We thankfully had beautiful lighting this evening

Day two we did a mid day shoot with Kirsten modeling along side Cassidy's perfect mini, Peanut. We took these two to downtown Charlotte. Peanut was such an angel and made the whole city smile! Later that afternoon we got to photograph the blonde bombshell, Brislan Bellamy with Cassidy's perfect gelding, Sly (side note, how convenient that two of Cassidy's horses were legit perfect models).

Day three we did have a bit of a rainy morning in York, South Carolina... but we made it work! We had the amazing models Courtney & her Friesian Stallion, Jan, that were absolute troopers in the rain.

I was so sad when the weekend came to an end! I had such a great time with all of the other photographers that I met & so thankful Cassidy and Kirsten had me spontaneously join in on the fun!


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