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My #1 Tip for Photo Day

There are so many things to remember to do leading up to your Horse & Rider Portrait Session... finding outfits, scheduling hair & makeup, getting nails done, clipping, bathing, and banding (or not banding) your horse.

But the number one thing that you absolutely can't forget to plan for your session: work your horse well before your shoot!

It's very important you do this, even if they're typically low-energy, even if they're typically bomb proof, even if it will be difficult or inconvenient. It's even more crucial if you're planning to go off-property for your session. Working can mean riding, it can mean turn out time, or good ole lunging. However you choose to work them is your discretion, you know them best!

Another time I may advise against working them before the shoot is if we're going swimming. And that is about .0001% of the eyes that will be reading this blog post, but hey, it's a good reason to share this photo ;)

I never expect a horse to be able to stand perfectly for the whole duration of the shoot, but working them will make it so the periods of stillness last longer. I go more in depth on this and other things to consider while preparing for your session in this blog post!

Want even more help preparing for your session? Download my free Shopping Guide!


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