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My Favorite Canadian Equine Photographers

Living in Washington, it's not unusual to run into Canadians at horse shows or even just on social media. Many Canadians have reached out to me to have me come out to their barn to photograph them & their horse... but after a quite a bit of research, I've come to the conclusion that working in Canada as a US citizen is just too tricky. That's why I've gathered up my absolute favorite equine photographers local to Canada! These photographers are in no specific order, I adore all of their work & find all of them to be incredibly kind online.

Quinn Saunders

First up, Quinn Saunders. Quinn and I have been following each other on social media for a while now, and I've even referred a few clients to her already. Her work is beyond stunning, and she's also so nice to chat with! She's located in White Rock, British Columbia.

Rachel Sulman

Next is Rachel Sulman. We've also been following each other on social media for a bit now! She's based out of Ontario.

Vanessa French

Next up is Vanessa French. I fell in love with her style of photography as soon as I came across her profile on Instagram. She's based out of Ontario as well.

Fourth in this series is Mackenzie Clark. She's really well known for her event photography- normally in the hunter jumper world. But she's also a wonderful portrait photographer. She's also based in Ontario!

Justina Reinhart

Lastly (but certainly not least!) we have Justina Reinhart. I can't get enough of her style, it's super minimalistic & clean, and I just love it. Justina is also based out of Ontario.

I love all 5 of these photographer's work & highly recommend them to anyone in Canada looking for an equestrian photographer.


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