Navigating the "New Norm" - for now!

Group hugs like this won't be allowed anymore.... here's what else I'll be doing to keep my clients safe during this season!

I'm hopeful that June will allow photographers & hair stylists (and many others) to get back to work in Washington. While things are still uncertain, I want to be ahead of the game and announce some new policies that will be enforced with future sessions to ensure the safety of everyone involved in photo sessions with Jeni Jo Photography.

Of course, I'll be committing to my own health and safety during this time. Outside of working, I plan to stay home as much as possible to reduce my chances of exposure to the virus, as well as keep up with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

During sessions:

- no hugs with humans, but extra hugs with horses!

- we'll maintain at least a 6 foot distance at all times. Easy peasy with my 135mm lens.

- I won't be touching your belongings

- I'll still have sanitizer on hand at all times, just in case

- I'll have a face covering with me & will wear it if we need to go inside a building for any reason

- * important * I'll require a family member/someone of your household to be present to help with anything you need, like fixing hair, wiping your horse's nose, etc. This person will also be asked to help get horse's ears up; to limit the amount of people present during the session I won't be bringing assistants with me until further notice


If anyone with a currently scheduled session is feeling either uncomfortable with proceeding with the session, or is feeling sick- rescheduling will be necessary with no rescheduling fee.

I'll continue to stay up to date with new information from the Washington government as well as the CDC for further health and safety regulations.

I can't wait to see you all again, and I'll be doing everything I can to keep you safe!