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Potential Zip | Ticket

Potential Zip AKA Ticket, and his mom, Lori Braunstein had their photos done during the 2019 WSQHA Emerald at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA. Lori and Ticket show under the guidance of Genny Miller with Genny Miller Performance Horses based out of Ellensburg, WA. They show in showmanship, trail, and western pleasure at the state and regional level AQHA shows.

Ticket's straight on shot is one of my very favorites!! I always try to get one of each horse that has a Fine Art Equine Portrait session with me- but some horses just really nail it!

Ticket head shot, straight on with black background
Lori sitting next to Ticket
Headshot of Lori and Ticket
Lori standing next to Ticket looking up at him


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