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Sasha & Misha

Sasha in her wedding dress

This beautiful winter wedding was held at the Bellwether Hotel in Bellingham, WA. I was honored to be chosen as Sasha and Misha's wedding photographer for their big day <3

Sasha wore the most gorgeous dress imported from St. Petersburg, Russia. Her mother was one of the many people who flew in from a different country to enjoy this day with her daughter and new son-in-law.

The amazing makeup artist for Sasha this day was Sophia Hutch, a makeup artist based in Seattle. Katie Boyer, a hair and makeup artist based out of Seattle did her magic on Sasha's hair and it was so incredibly stunning!

Due to the weather: rainy, windy, and chilly... typical western Washington weather, we decided to dedicate the Lighthouse Suite to do most of the portraits in for the bridal preparations, as well as bride and groom portraits. We were able to get outside for a few quick shots of Sasha and Misha together, and I think it was well worth it <3 the clouds and wind added for a nice moody, but romantic vibe <3

Sasha at the top of the Lighthouse Suite

Sasha and her mother

Sasha, bridal preparations

Sasha's bridesmaids helping her get ready

Sasha and Misha preparing for the kiss

Sasha and Misha, now married

Floral details

Cake details

Mr. and Mrs. table

Bride and Groom portraits

Hotel Bellwether Lighthouse

It was a windy day!

Bride and Groom

Brida and Groom portraits


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