Hi! I’m Jeni Brunner, an equine photographer in Wenatchee, Washington. 

I really lucked out when my family moved in 1999 because our new neighbor was a horse trainer; I began taking lessons at the age of 5 with her. Soon I was showing in 4-H, then I moved up to AQHA & WAHSET in high school. I’ve ridden & shown hundreds of horses. While I of course loved every one of them, there are a select few that are incredibly special to me. One of them I still own to this day.


My goal as an equestrian photographer is to capture love. Whether it's love between a horse & their human; the love two people share together and with their horses; the love of the sport; or just the pure love of your horse. I personally know how important it is to have photographs that signify the strong emotions you feel towards your horse so you can be reminded of these feelings every time you look at your images.

meet the photographer
meet the crew
left: Blake and his horse, Armani. Middle: Katy and her horse Platinum. Right: Zach and our horse, Gracie.

Blake, Katy, & Zach

These three are my 'ear-perkers'. I always try to have one of them with me at every session to get your horse's attention, hold extra horses, and anything else we need them to do.

Blake is with me the most, Katy is there for all the shows, and Zach is my 'traveling helper' who also does the majority of the driving for me so I can get a head start on editing your photos ♡

meet the mascots

Phoebe, Gracie, & Penny

These three are what I like to call my 'mascots.' Phoebe is my little corgi, she comes with me to as many sessions as she can (but stays in the car so I can focus on you). Gracie is my sorrel mare who's a retired western pleasure show horse, living out the rest of her days in a big pasture with her cow friends. Penny is our Dalmatian. She's a big goof and really loves to cuddle. She gets to keep Zach company when I leave for work and can't take him with me.

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The Equine Chronicle
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