A husband and wife kissing on their wedding day, with their two horses
the equestrian adventure wedding

Imagine this: you & your fiancé both love & ride horses. Horses are the foundation of your relationship. Your dream wedding day includes just you two, your horses, and only your few closest friends. You're wearing the most stunning white dress, draped over your horse, flowing with their every step. Your soon-to-be husband is sporting his best cowboy hat, starched jeans & his favorite boots. You hop on your horses & ride for a couple hours on the trail only to reach the final destination of a gorgeous [insert your dream location here]. You two have the most intimate & meaningful wedding ceremony you could have ever imagined, followed by a special celebration with your favorite company.

Oh yeah, and I'm there too capturing every magical moment- this is what an equestrian adventure wedding is.

every collection includes:

in-depth & custom planning guidance including location selection, vendor recommendations, custom timeline creation, packing lists & more. Collections start at 4 hours of documentation, which allows for a short trail ride. Each collection includes all photos with personal printing rights. To top it off, all travel within Washington is covered! Wherever you decide to celebrate & capture your marriage, I'll be there with no extra travel fee.

collections begin at $2,800

a newly wed sitting on their horses looking into their eyes, wearing their wedding tux and dress

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frequently asked questions

How will we decide on a location?

My opinion on locations is: the more exotic and interesting, the better. I'll help in any way that I can to make your dream backdrop come true. I have a list of spots with short to long trails and locations with a small trek to the viewpoint. You can choose a location that is sentimental to the both of you (like a specific trail ride or even your ranch/family's ranch), or somewhere brand new with a breathtaking view. Please take into consideration your horse's ability to navigate a trail, their comfort level with trail riding in the dark, their endurance level, and your comfort level. Safety is my number one concern!

How will we decide on a time?

I highly recommend we plan your ceremony around either sunrise or sunset. This will allow for the most optimal lighting! However it does sometimes require riding in the dark if your destination has a longer trail ride to it- so make sure you & your horses are comfortable with doing so. We'll make sure everyone is fully prepared for any time and location you choose!

How many images do we get & when will we receive them?

The number of images varies depending on your specific timeline and location, but the typical amount to expect is 30-50 images per hour. I'll take thousands of images, then select the very best to edit for your online gallery which will be delivered to you no more than six weeks after your wedding day. Two more weeks after your online gallery is delivered, expect a package in the mail with your USB including your high res images.

We're super awkward in photos, help!

Don't worry!! This will be way easier than you expect. First of all, having your horses there will naturally calm any nerves. Plus, I won't even bring out the camera until we talk for a bit to get to know each other more! When I do start taking photos, I start with more casual and candid moments. Then when I do pose you, it's more of directing and prompting while catching your reactions to my instructions. It's a really fluid and enjoyable time, I promise!

Do we have to supply a horse for you?

Definitely not! I'm happy hiking on my own two feet, but will gladly accept a horse as long as it's available. I can ride anything, but prefer a trustworthy horse to keep my photography gear safe.

Can we include our dog(s)?

YES PLEASE! We can't leave out any fur children. Your planning guide will include some packing tips for dogs as well :)

What happens if the weather is bad?

It's important to have a backup plan in case the weather ends up not being in our favor. A backup plan could include: a different location, a different date, a different packing list (with layers and raincoats maybe?)... it all depends on what you're willing to do and how easy it is to pivit for your specific situation.

What exactly is an equestrian adventure wedding?

An equestrian adventure wedding is a unity of two people who love their horses just as much as they love each other, in an epic- & a lot of times- sentimental location (trail ride or not), with a small guest list allowing for more of a "just us" type of feeling, and an emphasis on the experience over things; which allows the pure reflection of a unique romantic relationship to be present throughout the entire day.


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