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2019 AQHA Calendar Feature

Swinger and Jet

I was recently informed that my photo of Swinger and her baby, Jet, was selected to be used for June in the 2019 AQHA Calendar! I took this photo last spring when Jet was just a couple months old. Swinger is owned by my very good friends and clients, the Tolley family. Stephanie, Trisha, and Joe have been good family friends for just about as long as we've been riding horses (I'm going on 18 years!)

It's such an honor to have one of my photos chosen, with only 12 months and 12 photos. Even better, they ended up choosing my birth-month, which is special in itself! I'm thankful for the American Quarter Horse Association for running this contest, it's so much fun to see your work being featured like this!

2019 AQHA Calendar

Note: they did spell my name wrong, but only because that's how my name is spelled on my AQHA membership ID! I used to spell it "Jenny" up until a few years ago when I realized it actually makes more sense to spell it "Jeni" since my full name is Jenifer... in case anyone was confused ;)

2019 is shaping up to be another absolutely incredible year, and I'm so, so excited to see what the following 12 months have in store for my business and my personal life. I cannot wait to continue living my dream of being an equine photographer <3


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