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Stephanie Tolley

This is for sure one of my very favorite shoots ever. Shooting in the downtown of a big(ish) city has been on my photographer bucket list for quite a while now! I actually didn't even know it was possible until I saw an incredible photo that my friend and fellow equestrian photographer, Tisha Pol, took in the midwest in some city there- right in downtown with giant skyscrapers behind this girl with her big HUS horse. After seeing her photo, I knew I had to get into town somewhere with a girl and her horse.

After almost 2 years of planning, we made it happen! Special shout out to my amazing model (and good friend), Stephanie Tolley for braving the bitter cold in those tiny dresses for me <3 and a big thank you to her incredibly well behaved, gorgeous, Barbie horse, Zyr. Blake also came along with us and created a killer video of these two. Check it out here!

After shooting in downtown Spokane with a horse, I'd LOVE to do more shoots in other cities (or I'll happily go back to Spokane!) with more girls & their horses. If you think your horse has what it takes to remain calm in the city*, and you love the city vibe, message me to book your session!!

*vigorous safety precautions are taken while shooting in the city, but a safe horse is also a must.

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