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Aubree Skone

Aubree Skone & her bay bae, Lena. We were lucky enough to be able to use this gorgeous onion seed field for their backdrop & I couldn't have been more excited! This session was a bit chaotic at times... with getting two bees stuck in my hair before I even turned my camera on, AND got stung twice too. Towards the end of the session when the lighting was perfect, Lena decided she was done and wanted to go home.... so she ran her little brown butt all the way home and ended the session for us ;) luckily we still got so many great photos AND Blake was able to get enough footage to create the amazing video that's posted at the end of the photos below! Make sure you do not skip watching it, because it's definitely my new favorite of his! If you want a video added on to your session, just send me a message to learn more!

Lena was feeling a little too good when Aubree jumped up on her for a few riding shots.. haha!

Video by the absolute best, Blake Loera <3 who I'm SO lucky to have as a part of JJP now offering videos during equestrian sessions!


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