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Breanna Howell

Here we have Breanna Howell and her incredibly well-behaved big dun Quarter Horse gelding, Legs, strutting around downtown Wenatchee- and I got to capture it all! This was so much fun; I always love getting to shoot in unique locations and in my own city! Waking up for sunrise this day was easy peasy since it only took me 8 minutes to drive to our meeting spot... normally it's at least a 2 hour drive for me to get anywhere. Besides the excitement I had from getting to shoot in my own town, I was so obsessed with all of Breanna's outfits! She totally killed her outfit game for this shoot. I can't wait for more downtown equestrian photoshoots in more cities, where should I go next?

Breanna reading her Harry Potter books at Ole Ye Bookshoppe in downtown Wenatchee with her gelding, Legs, by her side
Breanna Howell riding Legs through downtown Wenatchee on Wenatchee Avenue, near the Morrison Building
Breanna walking Legs up the red brick road in downtown Wenatchee on Orando Street
Breanna and her horse, Legs crossing the crosswalk in front of the Pybus Public Market in Wenatchee, Washington
Breanna wearing her West Desperado inspired outfit, walking Legs down the street in Wenatchee
Breanna and Legs' eyes, side by side
Black background photo of Breanna with Legs, where she is wearing a pink sweater and a black sequin skirt
Black background portraits of Legs

Breanna's review from her session with Jeni Jo Photography: "If you've always wanted to do a professional shoot with your horse, but haven't yet, I cannot recommend Jeni enough! I was super nervous going into the shoot, but that went away so quickly because we spent 90% of the shoot laughing at something. We started prepping for the shoot a month in advance and she sent me this fantastic, comprehensive checklist that became my best friend while getting ready. I was able to create a Pinterest board with photo ideas and was able to send outfit ideas to her for input which really helped me narrow them down. I went into the shoot feeling 100% prepared, but I definitely should have brought flip-flops! The final photos are absolutely amazing and the portal is so easy to navigate. However, I am really struggling to figure out what ones I want to print because there are so many great ones! I finally ordered my first Standout print, and it was delivered way faster than I expected, and I am in love with it. Thank you for such a fantastic experience Jeni, and I hope I get to work with you again soon!" Ahh, talk about a rave review! I loved spending time with Breanna and the whole crew we had with us that day!


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