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Britney Krause

Britney Krause & Hope Shez Iresistable AKA Gracie. Britney & Gracie have a really cool story together! When Gracie was 3, she was gifted to Britney & she's put in all the work in her to get her to AQHA and APHA shows this year as a 5 year old. They've been doing so amazing together, placing really well at their first AQHA show ever earlier this year at the Oregon Classic. I'm really excited for their future together, I can tell how much they love each other & so glad I was able to capture that!

These photos were taken at Britney's parent's place in Corvallis, OR. The field had such amazing light for us that evening! I'm always so glad to see beautiful golden field's when I show up to my locations.


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