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Caitlin Lyons

Caitlin Lyons and her three ponies

Caitlin Lyons, with her three special horses: Olivia, Slyd, and Whizzy. And of course her cute Australian Shepherd, Ozzy.

She shows Olivia in western all around in AQHA with Sarah Diamond. She shows Whizzy in reining under the guidance of Mike Stokes. And Slyd is her retired special boy. Caitlin will be riding in the equestrian team for the University of Georgia. I'm so excited for her next venture as a Georgia Bulldog!

We did their session at Pleasant Valley Stables in Spokane, WA where she boards Whizzy at Mike's. I love this spot so much and jump on every opportunity I get to shoot here!

Tuf Lil Whiz Kid
Caitlin sitting on Whizzy
Caitlin with Whizzy and Ozzy
Caitlin running with Whizzy
Caitlin and Slyd
close up of Slyd and Olivia
Caitlin with Slyd & Ozzy
Caitlin riding Olivia with a long blue dress
Caitlin with Slyd
Caitlin sitting on Olivia
Headshot of Caitlin and Olivia
Caitlin with Olivia in the field
Caitlin & Olivia
Caitlin & Olivia
Olivia, Slyd, and Whizzy


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