Chloe Smith

Chloe Smith and Buster Browns A Star AKA Buster show under the guidance of Genny Miller in Ellensberg, WA. Chloe shows in the all around events and I think every show that I've seen her a this year her and Buster have won the all around award! They're a great team and I had such a wonderful time photographing their bond <3 These photos were taken at the Grant County Fairgrounds during the Mid Summer Classic in Moses Lake. We had planned for her session to be in Ellensburg, but when I checked the weather it was showing 18-22mph winds.... every single day. So we decided to play it safe and complete her session after a long day of showing. I love the way they turned out and am so happy we didn't decide to fight the wind!

Buster had the best silly faces ever, lol!

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