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Chloe Smith

Chloe Smith and Buster Browns A Star AKA Buster show under the guidance of Genny Miller in Ellensberg, WA. Chloe shows in the all around events and I think every show that I've seen her a this year her and Buster have won the all around award! They're a great team and I had such a wonderful time photographing their bond <3 These photos were taken at the Grant County Fairgrounds during the Mid Summer Classic in Moses Lake. We had planned for her session to be in Ellensburg, but when I checked the weather it was showing 18-22mph winds.... every single day. So we decided to play it safe and complete her session after a long day of showing. I love the way they turned out and am so happy we didn't decide to fight the wind!

Chloe sitting on Buster
Chloe and Buster
Black background of Chloe and Buster
Chloe kissing Buster

Buster had the best silly faces ever, lol!


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