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Chloe Teplick

Chloe Teplick & her two adorable girls, Marion (Made Marion- how cool is that registered name?!) and her pup, Lucy. Chloe and Marion are a new team, but I'd say the trust and bond they share is already so strong! Chloe hopped right on Marion bareback in a dress for the first time ever for these photos! Chloe and Marion ride and will show in 2021 in the AQHA circuit under the guidance of Chelsea Carlson with Red's Show Horses in McMinnville, OR.

Black background image of Marion
Fine art portrait of Lucy, Chloe's dachshund
Chloe laying on Marion's neck bareback, hugging her
Chloe Teplick sitting on her chestnut mare, Marion, bareback while holding her dachshund dog
Chloe standing in a field with her chestnut quarter horse mare, Marion, and her dog, Lucy in McMinnville, OR
Chloe riding Marion bareback walking through the field with Lucy by their side
Chloe holding Lucy over her shoulder


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