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Danie Ziegler

Danie Ziegler, and her gorgeous blonde pony, Oakley

I had such a wonderful time getting to know and take photos of Danie and Oakley! They're an adorable team and I loved seeing the love they share with each other. It's always my favorite thing to photograph a senior that loves her horse so much she wants to include them in their senior portraits!

Danie is a class of 2020 senior, graduating from Mt. Spokane High School. She plans to go into nursing school once she graduates next spring!

photograph of Danie and her horse, Oakley
Oakley grazing, Danie sitting in the grass next to her
Danie sitting with Oakley on the floor, black background
Oakley yawning, making a funny face
Danie sitting on Oakley side saddle
Danie riding Oakley in a field
Danie sitting while Oakley grazes in the field
Danie kissing Oakley's nose
Danie and her dog
Danie walking with her dog
Danie walking in the field towards the camera with Oakley


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