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Emma Gunderson

Emma's session was very special to me because not only is she a great friend, but she's also one of my amazing assistants (and yes, she's the best- don't tell my sister ;) at most of my equestrian sessions around Washington.

I had the most amazing time with Emma and her fur family: Jewel, her trusty bay mare; Vinny, her new little baby; and Baxley, her absolutely adorable rescue pup from the Adams County Pet Rescue. This session was one of those that I never wanted to end- Jewel was such a good girl so we were able to do whatever kinds of poses that we could think of (most of which included Emma loving on her which we think Jewel really appreciated, she's so darn sweet). On top of a well-behaved horse, we had the most beautiful location and sunset; we really couldn't have asked for a better session!


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