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Emma Gunderson | Kauai

If I could choose my favorite location ever to shoot at.... it would likely be this place: Silver Falls Ranch in Princeville, Hawaii. This day was so incredible it's actually hard to put into words. Me and my amazing assistant (and model for the day too), Emma Gunderson show up to the ranch and we take photos of the trail horses (used for their guided tours). Then we saddle up and head out on the trail with our new friend, Francesca, the manager of the ranch. We spend the rest of the evening photographing Emma and Bayou and ride along the trails of Silver Falls Ranch.

We had so much fun that we went back for more fun 2 days later! That morning we took photos of Francesca and Avi, more trail horses, and a few more of Emma with HulaGirl and Yellowstone, and of course more riding.

These two days were our favorite that we spent on the island & we can't wait to go back!

Emma and Bayou
Emma and Romeo
Emma and Yellowstone
Emma with Yellowstone
Emma sitting with Bayou
Emma with HulaGirl


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