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Francesca & Lacey

Underwater horse photography? Yes, please! Fun fact about me: I actually hate swimming (and am also terrible at it), hate the ocean, hate getting sand stuck on me, hate getting water in my ears, hate getting my hair tangled in salt water... but put me in the ocean, or any water for that matter, with a horse and I'll have the best day ever!

I met Francesca 3 and a half years ago when she was the manager at Silver Falls Ranch- my friend Emma & I got to hang out with her for a couple of days, take photos, and ride horses. I'm so thankful we became friends, if only we could see each other more often! This day was my first time meeting Lacey, and she was nice enough to let me borrow her gelding, Strider for the day- he was such a good boy and so smooth to ride.

My husband is obsessed with shark diving, so we got him a Sony a6000 with an underwater housing unit with a couple different lenses so he could take shark photos while he's scuba diving (check out his IG here). So of course, I had to test out his underwater camera equipment with horses- turns out it's WAY harder than you'd think, especially when you can't swim well (and forgot fins!)

These photos are definitely much better than my first try (and second) with Tyneski a few years ago where I took underwater shots with Zach's GoPro. Next time Francesca, Lacey, and I have a better plan to get the absolute best photos! Now just gotta make another trip back to them asap.


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