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Friesian Mare & Foal

Friesian filly jogging in the pasture with pink trees

This adorable filly is a full Friesian, owned currently by Juliane Hanley in Cashmere, WA. Juliane also owns both parents of this sweet girl; her dad, Gunnar was recently gelded after several years of being a stallion. This is one of Gunnar's last foals and she'll be sent to her new home once she's weaned! She's one of the most friendly foals I've met, and just so, so cute!

Friesian filly with spring blossoms in the background
Friesian filly nursing off of her mother, Sabrine

Juliane lives in the valley of Cashmere, and it's gorgeous down there!

Friesian filly headshot
Sabrine and her filly jogging through the pasture


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