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Haley Jose

Haley Jose & her sweet mare, So What Ima Rockstar AKA Pinky!! Haley and Pink ride under the guidance of Chelsea Carlson with Red's Show Horses in McMinnville, OR. I had an absolute blast with these two (and the rest of our crew there: Chelsea, Clare, Haley's mom & boyfriend, and my fave helper, Blake)!

Haley and Pink on a black background
A black background portrait of Pink, with her saddle on
Haley sitting on the ground in front of Pink, kissing her on the forehead
Pink grazing in the pasture while Haley stand next to her looking down at her
Haley standing in front of Pink, petting her on the forehead
Haley loping Pink in the field bareback
Haley laying on Pink, sitting backwards with her head resting on her butt
Haley kissing Pink on the nose
Haley loping Pink through the field


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