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Heidi Holmstrom | Razzle

This is Razzle! He's owned by a wonderful lady named Heidi Holmstrom. She's a transporter for exotic animals so naturally she wound up owning a zebra! On my way to Oregon for a few sessions, I stopped at The Remuda Ranch to meet Heidi, Razzle, Solo (his companion pictured with him below), Ellie May, Boots, and countless other adorable animals! Heidi owns several donkeys, buffalo, horses (she said "I think I have 17 right now" when I asked how many horses she had!), goats, and pigs.

All of these photos of Razzle are available for purchase from my print shop. He'd look AMAZING with just about any home decor.

Zebra eyes
Zebra neck stripes
Zebra face


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