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Home Office

Welcome to my home office

Welcome to my home office! I feel so lucky to have such a great set up- especially considering what I used to call my office a year ago (check out the last two photos!) I have everything I need in here: my print of Gracie, my two pups- Phoebe and Penny, a comfy chair for Zach to sit in when he feels like hanging out, plants for fresh air, not one- but three calendars, and of course my two computers- one for editing, the other for everything else! And a few other things that you'll see below!

Desk: Wayfair

Chair: Amazon

Dog bed: Amazon

Guest chair: Costco

Filing cabinet: Wayfair

Computers: Apple

Camera bag: Amazon

Plants: Lowes

Basket shelf: West Elm

"Floating" shelf: Wayfair (it's not floating anymore because apparently the plants were too heavy for it!)

I love my cute plants. Sadly the one second from the left is kinda garbage worthy now... but I'm trying hard to bring the little guy back to life!

I'm truly so thankful to have such a great view from my office- even though I'm a little troll most of the time and keep my black out curtains closed!

home office view
home office basket shelf

This basket shelf is one of my favorite parts of my office. I'm an organization freak & also a basket freak... just ask Zach! But it's absolutely perfect to hold all of the things I include in my USB shipment boxes, plus everything I need to pack them up.

My lovely little mascots <3 Gracie, Phoebe, and Penny. I also don't know how I ever lived without a filing cabinet before moving into my house! I got it from Wayfair, had the hardest time putting it together (it's still a little crooked), but totally worth it.

This is where they both spend 90% of their time when I'm home. The other 10% is playing outside!

And now, what you've all been waiting for.... my home "office" from when we used to live in an apartment. This is where I did 100% of my computer work. Right next to the big plate of meat thawing on the counter!! After having my own office at our house for 10 months, it's crazy to look back and see how I used to do my work. Again, I could not be more thankful for my current set up!


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