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How to Prepare your Horse for your Session

How to Prepare your Horse for your Session

Check lists are basically the foundation of my entire life. When preparing for your session there's so many things to take into account, so hopefully this check list helps make your life easier when getting your horse ready for your photoshoot!

Get your horse ready before you get fully ready!

If you show, just treat this like you're getting ready for a show.

* means it's optional, depending on your discipline/breed/personal preference

  • Lunge them a few hours before the shoot, you're taking photos with a horse- not a dragon!

  • Bathe your horse (you can do this the day before if you prefer- then spot clean only on your session day)

  • Band/braid their mane & forelock & add their fake tail in*

  • Double clean any white spots or socks

  • Clip bridle path, whiskers, eyes, ears, and fetlocks*

  • Make sure the barn floor is swept (for black backgrounds)

  • Polish hooves* & pick their feet out so they don't get shavings on the clean floor

  • Let them rest in their stall with a snack (very important for some horses!)

  • Iron/steam your clothes, then lay them hang them

  • Clean & polish all your tack you'll be using in your photos

  • Get your hair & makeup done

  • Spot clean your horse

  • Spray your horse down with lots of fly spray and ear fly protectant

  • Use clear face grease to oil up their nose & eyes for their individual shots. Never use black; it could stain your clothes! Baby oil or PAM works great too*

  • Grab your go-bag with rags, baby wipes, baby oil, fly spray, hair spray, hair brush, body brush, bands, hoof pick, treats, water, snacks, makeup powder, lipstick, blotting paper, lint roller, and any other necessities to bring to each spot during your session

I hope these few tips help keep you organized when getting ready for your equestrian photo session!

Want to get even more of a head start on preparing for your session?? Download my free Ultimate Shopping Guide for Your Equestrian Session!


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