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Jeannie & Hailey Schmidt

Hailey Schmidt kidding her sorrel quarter horse gelding on the top of his head

Jeannie & Hailey Schmidt with their group of lovely ponies: Frenchy, Wesley Ariel, and Finale (in order from left to right on the photo below! Jeannie and Hailey ride and show in the AQHA circuit under the guidance of Sarah Diamond at Kruger Ranch in Rathdrum, ID.

Despite the very cold temperatures we had at their session, it was so much fun! I've seen these two with various horses throughout the years at local AQHA shows in Washington and it was great to get to spend some time with them at their own equestrian portrait session capturing their love for their horses. We did miss Charlie, Hailey's other horse, this time though!

A black background image of all 4 horses, Frenchy, Wesley, Ariel, and Finale
Hailey kissing Wesley on the nose, in the pasture across the Kruger Ranch
Jeannie hugging her blue roan mare, Ariel, in the road at sunset
Jeannie petting Ariel, her blue roan quarter horse mare, on the nose in the pasture across the Kruger Ranch, in Rathdrum, ID
Jeannie and Hailey with their two horses, Wesley and Ariel


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