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JJP 2017 Favorites

2017 has been an incredible year! I've learned SO much, met a ton of new really cool people and horses, traveled many many miles in my trusty VW Jetta, and did I mention I learned a lot??

This year started out with me buying my first ever business license at 20 years old. I spent January learning how to legally start a business, then the following months I spent time photographing professional models- some with horses, but most without. It wasn't until May that I really got back into being around horses and wanting to photograph them. Read more about my past with horses here.

In August, I made the decision to switch to 90% equine and equestrian photography. The other 10% is families, dogs, and other animals. That was one of the hardest, but best decisions I've made this year! I absolutely LOVE working with horses and their owners and I'm so glad I made that switch.

I'm incredibly thankful for all of my amazing clients, talented models, mentors, friends, family, and supporters that have helped me grow and supported me throughout the entire year.

2018 is going to amazing, I can already feel it. It will be my first full year as an equine photographer and I couldn't be more excited. I'm currently booking sessions for all of 2018- contact me here to book your session!! I'll for sure be traveling to the Spokane area, Seattle area, and Portland area at least a few times throughout the year. I'm also hoping to add Arizona, Utah Montana, central Oregon, New Mexico (again!!!), Colorado, California, Hawaii, and maybe Texas to my list to places to travel to in 2018. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know about any specials, giveaways, travel dates, events, and more!

Jessie Green and Hottie


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