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Kara + Otis

Kara and Otis

Kara was the Facebook giveaway winner from a giveaway I posted a couple months ago. She was such a great model, so fun to work with, and Otis was PERFECT. He put his ears up almost the entire time by himself; the perfect equine model, and super handsome too!

Fashion photo of Kara

Kara wanted to go for a more fashion-look, which I totally loved! She's also a makeup artist, so she did her own makeup, and of course it was stunning!

Kara boards Otis at Ravenswood Farm in Issaquah, WA. It's a very nice facility with many barns, a few outdoor arenas and a large indoor arena. The farm is surrounded by trees and really beautiful! It was the perfect location for our shoot!

Kara and Otis in Ravenswood, Issaquah

Ravenswood Horse Facility

Fashion photo of horse and girl

Kara and Otis

Kara and Otis on Black Background

Kara with her jumping saddle

Fine art portrait of Otis


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