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Karen Hao

Karen Hoa & her two warmblood giants (they're massive to me considering the most common horse for me to see are western pleasure quarter horses!), Lenny & Hopkins <3 Photographed at their boarding facility in Wellington, Florida. I was lucky enough to get to photograph these three (and Karen's boyfriend, Ryan who hopped in for a quick family photo) while on vacation in Florida last month!

Karen used to show both horses in the hunter jumper rings around Florida, but a few years ago she decided she was a little burnt out from the show life and chose to retire. She now keeps her two favorite boys as pasture pets and is soon building a barn on her own property to fulfill her lifelong dream of having her very own horse barn right outside her door!

Karen petting Hopkins on the nose
Karen kissing Lenny on the nose
family photo with Lenny, Ryan, Karen, and Hopkins


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